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This blog is written by Maria Mortati and was developed to share work and insights around experimental museum projects.

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Reading “On Display” by Margaret Hall

Recently got this in the mail. It’s quite the tome. Published in 1987, it’s an interesting and encyclopaedic review of what goes into an exhibition. I studied art and design and made exhibitions, not Museum […]

Mar, 08

Recommended Reading: The Hammer Report

I’m putting together a recommended readingĀ  list for a project. At the top is the newly released ” HAMMER REPORT” out of Machine Project. This is a tome of projects and lessons learned during their […]

Feb, 23

Artists as Exhibit Developers?

In the past, I’ve written about Artists as Public Programmers at museums and why/how they excel. Now I’m looking to take that to the next level and find ways to bring in the innate expertise […]

Nov, 28


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