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Recommended Reading: The Hammer Report

I’m putting together a recommended reading  list for a project. At the top is the newly released ” HAMMER REPORT” out of Machine Project.

This is a tome of projects and lessons learned during their year-long residency at the Hammer Museum through their Public Engagement initiative. One project I had a lot of fun developing is in here- the Giant Hand.

While director Mark Allen suggests it’s good reading for seeing how “the public engagement sausage gets made” he also puts it this way:

“It was a unique chance to put aside long-held notions of what guests often expect a museum experience to be—static and monologic at worst—and to enact what it can be at best—dynamic, with visitor and institution in conversation.”

This report organizes the projects around of these areas of thought and practice through interviews with the collaborators:

Big Picture Thinking
Curators and participants shared their perspectives on the value and impact of this type of project.

Strategies of Engagement
How projects such as Emily Lacy singing a Valentine in the museum became akin to architectural infrastructure and created “an espresso shot of intimacy and connection” for both artist and visitors.

Reimagining the Museum
This segment covers work with artists such as Phil Ross and Corey Fogel that pushed the boundaries of what a museum could contain, host, or encourage.

Reevaluations and Collaboration
These projects look at museums as a context for public engagement work, and how these projects can surface larger consideration of how curating can add layers of meaning.

Infrastructural Impact

From Facilities to facilitation, the Museum & Machine reflected on the intersections of logistical and ideological impact.


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