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Reading “On Display” by Margaret Hall

Recently got this in the mail. It’s quite the tome. Published in 1987, it’s an interesting and encyclopaedic review of what goes into an exhibition.

I studied art and design and made exhibitions, not Museum Studies. My thinking has been shaped largely by creative output and the art of the now. So this was not part of my required reading.

What I find amazing is how little things have changed in terms of the structure of exhibition development, and how creative production manifests at a museum. I think that they will have to change and are undergoing changes, but they are slow and painful. This book reminds me of why: there are so many people and so many moving parts– and so much history.

At #AAM2012 in May I will be on a panel looking at what is happening at some museums, and what we can to do to evolve. As the thinking emerges, I hope to share it with you.

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