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This article was written on 29 Oct 2012, and is filled under art engagement, Museum projects.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Summer @ BMA

This summer I have been lucky to work on two galleries that offer interpretation and interaction (or participation if you prefer) with ideas in contemporary art. It’s been trial and error which is resulting in a lot of learning for future projects, and interim solutions for now that may actually work. We have had an extremely compressed schedule, so not a lot of time for strategy- more of a hit the ground running approach.

I’ll deconstruct the exhibits and write about them when they open. I will say that one of the things that has worked well with such a big, socially, and intellectually large challenge is to have a team that communicates often and is in synch on the big objective. It’s created a flexibility that allows for creative (and hopefully innovative) solutions.

It’s also made the process more efficient and enjoyable. Something that can get lost in the push to deadlines, but is crucial to the overall success of a project. The exhibition can be great, but if it’s an exhibition or space that staff needs to be continually involved in, it’s good to feel good about it. We re in the thick of it now, but this team is up to the challenge.



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