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Minimalist Art and a Pizza

“Minimalists hated animals”. Who knew?

In this short, artist Michael O’Malley developed a brilliant vehicle for teaching art involving foreigners, fabrication and a field via the Walker Arts Center’s Open Field program.

If you can find a better vehicle for making art, teaching history, and having fun, please share:

Andre you forgot about the fire from machine project on Vimeo.

Full project credits:

Andre you forgot about the fire

By Michael O’Malley

Walker Art Center and Machine Project
Summer Jubilee at the Walker Open Field
July 18th-29th 2011

“Andre you forgot about the fire” is a project by sculptor Michael O’Malley. It is a gesture that remakes one of Carl Andre’s now iconic firebrick pieces, Equivalent. The remaking serves as both remembrance and prelude; once completed, the piece becomes source material for the making of a temporary pizza oven. This shift marks a further extension into the use of everyday material to include conversations about the built environment, DIY, and vernacular culture as artistic practice. It also produces some of the best-tasting pizza you’ll ever have, and creates a hands-on workshop setting for learning how to build your own brick oven.

Graphic Design: Ben Benjamin
Camera: Jimmy Fusil
Editor: Emily Lacy

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