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This blog is written by Maria Mortati and was developed to share work and insights around experimental museum projects.

Art Museum Exhibition Calendar

A lot of times I’m asked what’s showing at museums. I’ll have my head so deep in a project that I won’t know -other than the institution I’m working with. So I’m happy to see […]

Jul, 08 · in Links

Open Engagement and the Museum

Last month I attended Open Engagement, an informal conference on social practice art (or Socially Engaged Art) that is produced by Portland State University’s Art and Social Practice MFA students. This was my 2nd time […]

Engaging With Contemporary Art: Part 2, Activities

In her paper “Approaching Art Education as an Ecology: Exploring the Role of Museums,” researcher Karen Knutson suggested that today’s art museum visitor comes equipped with “a fairly low level of artistic literacy.” I wouldn’t argue […]

May, 08

Tonight, The Great Calculation Talk

This week, Mark Glusker (my husband) and I have had an exhibit + series of events at Southern Exposure Gallery, called, you guessed it, the Great Calculation. We are exploding a topic- in this case, […]

Apr, 12

Engaging With Contemporary Art: Part 1, The Space

Last year I worked on a project with the Baltimore Museum of Art. The challenge was to take two small spaces in the newly refurbished Contemporary Wing and create interactive galleries related to contemporary art. […]

Apr, 03

Artist’s Process As Exhibit?

I was watching a short on Art21 (“Tools and Strategies”) with Richard Serra. He was talking about his process and gave a succinct overview of ‘the artist’s process’. As we know, he has had plenty […]

Jan, 15

International Projects On Contemporary Art For Youth

In December I was invited to speak at Intensivdagarna 2012 (Intensive Days or the Global Exhibit Forum) in Sweden by the Riksutstallningar (Swedish Exhibition Agency). Riksutstallningar is Sweden’s think tank for exhibitions. With a history […]

Jan, 08




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