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This article was written on 12 Apr 2013, and is filled under experimental projects.

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Tonight, The Great Calculation Talk

This week, Mark Glusker (my husband) and I have had an exhibit + series of events at Southern Exposure Gallery, called, you guessed it, the Great Calculation. We are exploding a topic- in this case, electromechanical calculators circa 1960, which Mark collects and tinkers with. Given the space and duration, it’s a bit more elaborate version of what we created last fall at Machine Project.

Tonight, he will be giving a talk followed by a machine-inspired musical performance by a San Francisco musician:

Learn more about these incredible machines and see how they work firsthand. Mark will begin the evening by sharing his deep understanding of these complex machines and their historic uses, contextualizing the machines and the culture around them within contemporary technology. His talk concludes with a live calculation performance by eight participants from the audience, who will work simultaneously to demonstrate the loud and lengthy process necessary to complete simple calculations. Next, artist, musician, curator, and technologist, Mat Dryhurst will give a musical performance inspired by and incorporating the calculating machines.

Friday, April 12, 2013, 7 – 9 pm, Southern Exposure, 3030 20th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

The exhibit opened last Wednesday, and will be up through tomorrow. Our first event was a “Machine Drawing and Dissecting Workshop.” Along with ambient music by the talented Aero Mic’d, participants drew complex innards of machines at one table, and attempted to tinker and/or tear them apart at another. All while surrounded by a smattering of Mark’s collection:


This project has reinforced how essential it is that experimental galleries exist. Working in the context of an art space freed me up to explore ideas and engagement vehicles which doesn’t preclude anyone’s entry into the subject. It’s also been great fun.

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