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Recipe For A Fluxus Residency

What you will need: an invitation from Sarah Schultz and the Walker Art Center Open Field Team to consider Fluxus


9 cups of tea, 4 beers and many conversations around the inherent nature of Fluxus with artist Chris Kallmyer. Set aside initial impressions to cure.

12 parts literature, notably Fluxus Experience by Hannah Higgins, with much Ben Vautier for humor, Alison Knowles for flavor, and George Brecht for grounding. Surprisingly not as much cage as expected. Quaff with some Hans Ulrich Obist.

8 pounds conversations with Sarah Schultz and Christina Alderman

1 dollop Dick Higgins’, A Child’s History Of Fluxus, locally sourced from the Pezalla-Granlund Folk Family Farm

21 parts bad ideas, lightly blanched and discarded

clarify 34 parts web research

12 dabs Facebook

7 pinches Twitter

1 week stewing onsite with Walker staff, Chris Kallmyer, and local artists Margaret Pezalla, Andy Ducett, Jenni Undis and Mike Haeg

Trim and discard one photo shoot

Steep with 2 viewings of original Fluxus artifacts

1 large helping of Walker exhibition Art Expanded, fricasseed

2 dredges of Walker Library, rendered

5 big helpings of Walker staff assistance

Bake at 85º for 1 week, during the month of June

Serves: 1-500


Image source: craftedwellness.wordpress.com

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