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This blog is written by Maria Mortati and was developed to share work and insights around experimental museum projects.

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Engaging With Contemporary Art: Part 2, Activities

In her paper “Approaching Art Education as an Ecology: Exploring the Role of Museums,” researcher Karen Knutson suggested that today’s art museum visitor comes equipped with “a fairly low level of artistic literacy.” I wouldn’t argue […]

May, 08

Engaging With Contemporary Art: Part 1, The Space

Last year I worked on a project with the Baltimore Museum of Art. The challenge was to take two small spaces in the newly refurbished Contemporary Wing and create interactive galleries related to contemporary art. […]

Apr, 03

Interactives With Art?

I’m working on developing some hands-on and “body-on” as they say interactives with contemporary artworks. Art is of course subjective, so the visitor goals, informal learning experiences and take-aways are as unique and initially ambiguous […]

May, 15


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