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Monthly posts on experiments with people & museums

This blog is written by Maria Mortati and was developed to share work and insights around experimental museum projects.

FYI: Experimental Museum Projects Presentation Posted

Finally it’s up on slideshare as promised. The whole enchilada including links to the supporting materials our panel developed: Experimental museumprojects aam2012 View more presentations from Maria Mortati Tweet

Interactives With Art?

I’m working on developing some hands-on and “body-on” as they say interactives with contemporary artworks. Art is of course subjective, so the visitor goals, informal learning experiences and take-aways are as unique and initially ambiguous […]

The Elastic Manfesto or Why Museums are Ripe for Experimental Projects

As most know, last week at #aam2012 a panel I put together presented an “Elastic Manifesto.” It was created to inspire, ground in reality and support museums and artists interested in experimental projects, and make […]

May, 04

Shine On A Creative Field With Us #AAM 2012

A large part of my work inside and outside of formal museums is playing with the notion of what makes an exhibit or a museum– often through socially engaging projects. It seemed to me that […]

Apr, 25

Reading “On Display” by Margaret Hall

Recently got this in the mail. It’s quite the tome. Published in 1987, it’s an interesting and encyclopaedic review of what goes into an exhibition. I studied art and design and made exhibitions, not Museum […]

Mar, 08

GirlApproved: A New Science of Innovation & Design

GirlApproved is an invention/design firm coming out of years of research and development created by Heidi Dangelmaier. She is creating new products and technologies based on “our new science of innovation and design.” Dangelmaier, founder and […]

Feb, 24

Recommended Reading: The Hammer Report

I’m putting together a recommended reading  list for a project. At the top is the newly released ” HAMMER REPORT” out of Machine Project. This is a tome of projects and lessons learned during their […]

Feb, 23




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