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From Zeum to the Children's Creativity Museum

Photos from a first site visit to Zeum, through to opening of the Children’s Creativity Museum today. I’ll articulate the people and ideas behind the images in future posts.

For now, a big thank you to all the folks that worked on the exhibit design and development team this summer.


  1. Rachelle | TinkerLab
    October 16, 2011

    Congratulations, Maria! The transformation is stunning. I loved experiencing it in person, full of families, energy, noise, and excitement. But the real test of how fabulous a space like this is relies on children. Are they engaged, learning, playing, exploring? Well, I can personally attest that my 3 year old could not be pulled away, and would have happily played in the space all day if we had let her. Can’t wait to return.

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