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Mark Allen made my day: AGAIN

Manitoba Museum Finds Art: found by Mark Allen
He forwarded this post to me from the SFMOMA Open Space blog: “Manitoba Museum of Finds Art: Interview with Alberta Mayo“.

The Mantioba Museum Finds Art was a museum within a museum project at the SFMOMA from 1975-1978:

“If you had visited the waiting area of the directors’ offices at SFMOMA between 1975 and 1978, you would have encountered an exhibition not advertised on the museum’s official schedule: one of the 23 shows organized by Alberta Mayo under the auspices of the Manitoba Museum of Finds Art (MMOFA). Mayo, then assistant to Director Henry Hopkins and Deputy Director Michael McCone, directed her own museum within “the other museum,” turning her administrative space into the venue for a range of solo and group exhibitions by artists who — with a few exceptions, like Sol LeWitt — were largely under SFMOMA’s programming radar.”

Check out their website. It’s delightful. I love working on and hearing about projects that play in the spaces between you-me-museum. I’m on the look out for info that helps paint a historical trajectory. So feel free to send any my way.

Also, as you read the original post, what’s really delightful is that this was in the the old SFMOMA. Itself a bit of a museum within:

Old SFMOMA from SFMOMA blog

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