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GirlApproved: A New Science of Innovation & Design

Girl Approved Summer Interns 2011GirlApproved is an invention/design firm coming out of years of research and development created by¬†Heidi Dangelmaier. She is creating new products and technologies based on “our new science of innovation and design.”

Dangelmaier, founder and inventor, developed GirlApproved Theory which she describes as “a fundamental shift in the way we think of design,” which “introduces a balance that has been missing in our modern man-made world.”

You may think that this is niche marketing, but when 55% of the world’s population is female and living in a world developed by metrics based on a masculine framework, that’s a niche worth exploring.

Why did she go there?

“There was no formal language or framework to discuss my concerns regarding products, media, or science. Professionally, I wanted to be able to invent things that could help people, but there were no metrics I could use to prove the importance of the projects. If I was to grow, as an individual and contributor, I had to extend the traditional paradigm of creative thought.” – From an article in the Atlantic Monthly

In terms of what we can learn from this and explore this is again, huge. Collaborative value system development is not solely the domain of women or girls but it is grounded in research: Carol Gilligan’s In A Different Voice comes immediately to mind. To me this reinforces¬†Dangelmaier’s assertion of an under-realized and little understood territory. One that is potentially immense given how we now interact, transact and think.

Before you get your briefs in a bunch, she states “”It is important to remember that by ‘feminine,’ I do not mean female. Men also have a feminine dimension.”

I think it’s a potentially innate mind set and skillset which a feminine mindset has, and it meshes up pretty well with our world of collaborative development and distributed work.

And I’m not just saying that because I’m female, but it sure is nice.




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