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This blog is written by Maria Mortati and was developed to share work and insights around experimental museum projects.

interpreting art

Video Short: Last Summer’s Fluxus Residency

I have been putting together a series of videos on projects over the last few years. In projects that are temporary and participatory, it’s essential that there is some video documentation. For the museum, they’ll […]

Nov, 21

A FluxField Research Residency

[originally posted on the Walker’s Field Lab blog] This past summer Sarah Schultz and the Open Field team invited me to come to the Walker and consider the movement Fluxus. This research-based residency encompassed three […]

Oct, 06

Engaging With Contemporary Art: Part 1, The Space

Last year I worked on a project with the Baltimore Museum of Art. The challenge was to take two small spaces in the newly refurbished Contemporary Wing and create interactive galleries related to contemporary art. […]

Apr, 03

International Projects On Contemporary Art For Youth

In December I was invited to speak at Intensivdagarna 2012 (Intensive Days or the Global Exhibit Forum) in Sweden by the Riksutstallningar (Swedish Exhibition Agency). Riksutstallningar is Sweden’s think tank for exhibitions. With a history […]

Jan, 08


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