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Artists as Exhibit Developers?

In the past, I’ve written about Artists as Public Programmers at museums and why/how they excel.

Now I’m looking to take that to the next level and find ways to bring in the innate expertise in creation and engagement with ideas to the exhibit development realm. I’ve explored this concept with my work on Machine Project’s A.I.R. at the Hammer Museum and watched local galleries put together innovative exhibitions such as Southern Exposure or Critter Salon here in San Francisco.

I’m thinking about ways to bring the artists into the *strategy and the initial development discussions* long before you know what you are going to do. My hunch is that you could come up with exhibitions and interactives that are potentially richer, and more surprising if you have folks that have that innate talent at the table- from the beginning. Being able to not only live with ambiguity but make something out of it is what they excel at.

Artists, please apply.

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